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A cursed skull characters

Latest version A cursed skull (Rev3).zip (first file in download section).

Find a skull to remove a curse.

Castle dungeon is full of strange creatures.

Some of them you can shoot, but the others are invincible.


Left - O

Right - P

Down- A

Up - Q

Fire  - SPACE

Jump - J

(35 screens).

Created in 2020 using

Multi Platform Arcade Game Designer.

Latest version for character 1 playable online

A cursed skull

For other characters

A cursed skull (Character 2)

A cursed skull (Character 3)

A cursed skull (Character 4)

Install instructions

Use zx spectrum emulator to play this game.


A cursed skull (Rev3).zip 51 kB
A cursed skull (Rev3)(Characters 3 and 4).zip 50 kB
A cursed skull manual.doc 865 kB
A cursed skull (Dragon).SNA 64 kB
A cursed skull (Dragon)(Fix1).sna 64 kB

Development log


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Just added hints for all my zx spectrum games in case if some people have trouble to beat this or other my zx spectrum games.